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December Push

Hi you guys! Welcome to December PUSH. We have 27 brand new days of content for you and I really feel like this month is going to get a lot of you past your plateaus.


This month is entirely On Demand, which means you have full flexibility to be carried with you as you travel. Class of the day today is SCULPT. 


Its important to me to meet with each of you one on one during this month. To book some individual time please click HERE


I’ve attached a weekly planner for you to use. Click the PDF to download.


This is similar to one I use every week. This along with google calender-ing the SH*T out of my life are my two biggest secrets to staying consistent. I encourage you to use this throughout the month to help build your habits and encourage structure.  

Now jump in below. New days will be added throughout the month!

Note: To save menus, right-click and click save image as.

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